SpamScan - The inline spam remover

Last Updated: July 18, 2003


Sourceforge official:
SpamScan Features

Current Features:
  • SpamScan can either be set up system wide, or it can be set up per user.
  • Each user can have his/her own filters and config files to control the behavior of the spamscan tool.
  • Currently tested on Sendmail, on both FreeBSD 4.x systems and Solaris systems.
  • Works well even with Amavis and other virus scanners.
  • Uses a points system, with every key word or phrase having a positive or negative value. When a max point valus is reached, the e-mail is labeled spam
  • Optionally strips all html from an e-mail before scanning
  • Works.

Features in the working:
  • Trainable smart word/phrase filter database (we train it)
  • Auto-training ability (it trains itself)
  • E-mail based administration (rather than logging into the mail server to make changes)

Developed by: Eric Anderson and Ross Dickey