SpamScan - The inline spam remover

Last Updated: July 18, 2003


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General Spamscan Info:

Spamscan is a system tool for Unix-based os's. Its purpose is to do what all other spam scanners can't do: filter out all the spam. Yes, many have tried, some have gotten close, but none so far have really nailed the bullseye with the perfect solution. Well, neither have we, but we're getting closer and closer.

Basically how spamscan works is it not only searches for keywords, but also key phrases in a given e-mail. Maybe a certain word or phrase isn't a spam phrase when used one way, but add or subrtact one word, and all of a sudden it is. These key spam words and phrases are meant to be fully customizable by the end user, or with good enough defaults to catch almost all spam and not label non-spam as spam. Once an e-mail is labeled spam, it can be either deleted right away, or SpamScan can tag the subject "SPAM: "

Spamscan also uses a points system to detect spam. certain words may appear in a friend's e-mail as well as a spammer's email. So, give less points to that phrase. Once the points calculated by spamscan reach a certain level (10 by default) the e-mail is labeled as spam. Simple, right?

If you are going to run this system wide, you need to set it as the local mailer for your system, and let it handle all the mail. The only editing you may need to do, is the first few lines of the spamscan program have some configurable parts, so you'll need to point it to your local mailer, filter directories, etc.

Developed by: Eric Anderson and Ross Dickey